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Finally, after years of creating, we can proudly pronounce you the mobile app of GTA V. Simply click on 'DOWNLOAD NOW' below, and play GTA V where ever you go! This download is 100% safe and secure.

  • Last Updated 15.05.2020
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Why should you download GTA V Mobile from our website?

Because we provide 6 great services. They are all listed below.


Our download link of GTA V Mobile is highly secured with the latest antivirus, antispyware and antimalware technologies.

Unlock Everything

This download of GTA V Mobile isn't a trial, we provide you the full game of GTA V. It's just like you're playing it on your Playstation 4 or XBOX One.

Unlimited Usage

Are you on your way to work, or are you at a meeting? Aren't you able to afford yourself a next gen console or an expensive Gaming PC, or are you just too lazy to start up your PS4? It doesn't matter anymore! With downloading GTA V Mobile from our website you can play this game anywhere and anytime from now on. There are no limitations!

Free Download

We are just hobbyists, and we love to play GTA V in our spare time, just like you. That's why we won't ask you to pay for it.

AES-256 Encrypted Connection

We are using AES-256 Encrypted Connection. AES 256 is the cipher of choice to use for maximal encryption security. That means that our severs are secure. We encrypt the connection so that no one can find out that you have downloaded the game from our website.

Extremely Fast

We provide an extremely fast download speed, what can result in installing GTA V Mobile in just a few seconds.

What are others saying?

The following comments came from 3 gaming experts who are experienced in playing GTA V on next gen consoles.

This is something I have been waiting for for a very long time. After all those scams on the internet, I'm glad to see that this game came officially out now for Android and iOS.

Hilda Oliver

GTA 5 Player

After all classic Grand Theft Auto games came out for mobile devices in the past years, this game couldn't remain! I'm very happy to see that all GTA V fans can now also play this game on their mobile devices.

Debbie Morales

GTA 5 Player

I'm glad I found out this website! I've played this game since it came out in 2013, but it's still awesome. Especially now I can play it on my iPhone 7. What I also find great about it, is that it definitely isn't laggy. It's obvious that this game is especially created for mobile devices. Great invention!

Chris Chambers

GTA 5 Player